Tutoring high school students

LeerSlim is a company that is specialized in tutoring high school students in the Netherlands. We provide tutoring for all courses and every grade. Next to tutoring for regular high school students, LeerSlim focusses on tutoring for international education (IB-schools) in the Netherlands. We work with specialized and experienced IB-teachers.

Our IB-teachers are all former IB-students who graduated with excellent results (6 or 7). Because they have experience with IB-schools, our teachers easily understand the problems students can face so they can provide sufficient tutoring.

LeerSlim arranges tutoring sessions at your home, so your child can learn in a familiar environment, everywhere in the Netherlands. In the city of Groningen, the tutoring can also be arranged at our building in the city center (Ganzevoortsingel 14), if requested.

Our mission statement is:

“We help with the education of internationally minded students who are willing to learn more outside of their basic curriculum. We realize that many students are very motivated, however they need extra help in order to excel in a certain subject and perform at a higher level which they have the ability for. Our mission is to help everyone reach their full potential.”

If you have any questions about the tutoring or if you’d like more information, you can send an email to info@leerslim.nl .

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